What is a
self branding profile?

A self branding profile is Dreamjo.bs’ job market solution for job seekers to present themselves and apply for jobs in a compact and modern way.

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With the help of a self branding profile:
  • Find jobs more easily
  • Showcase YOUR strengths and uniqueness
  • Immediately recognise jobs that are right for you
  • Express your priorities and goals in a workplace or job

...and we’ll help you show the best of YOU

Self-branding serves a similar purpose for employees as Employer Branding for employers:

A tool to help you stand out from the chaos of the job market.

While companies promote themselves as workplaces, here, you are your own brand. On the Dreamjo.bs job portal, both employers and employees use branding methods to find each other.

Why should I make a self branding profile?

  • Apply for jobs on Dreamjo.bs with a click of a button
  • You will receive relevant feedback immediately after applying on Dreamjo.bs
  • You get a free, landing page of your own that you can use to apply for a job anywhere
  • With the Self-branding profile, HR employees are guaranteed to review your page and not land your unread CV in the trash

How should I start?

With a few simple and quick steps, you can create an introduction where you can present your values , something you previously had the chance to do only in your first job interview. This way, you will be more likely to find the job of your dreams than ever before.


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